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The economy is f*#ked, we need to clear up some space in our flat files, and posters make the perfect holiday gift. Get any of these for $12 each (plus shipping), or buy 3 or more, and we’ll cover your shipping…



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One of our own was recently affected by this terrible disease, and after kicking it in the balls, produced this print to raise awareness and get the old screenprinting muscles limber again. The prints are $25 each, with a portion of the proceeds going to cancer research. Email adutlinger(at)gmail.com to arrange a purchase and support a good cause.

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scot lefavor

Our pal Scot Lefavor just launched an online store, which will make it a lot easier for non-Colorado folks to get their grubby hands on some of his work. The pieces currently up are a steal, so get there before they’re gone.

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New Digs

We’ve been on a sort of hiatus for the past five months or so, with most of our poster inventory and all of our printing equipment in storage since White Hills closed down in September. As of last week we have the keys to our new home, where our print shop will be sharing space with Neighbor and a couple of freelance creative folks. It’s going to be nice to have everything under one roof and in a really killer spot (right on Broadway and Pearl in downtown Boulder). We’ll post some pics when we get everything up and running, and we’ll be looking for some new jobs to help pay the rent! Should be up and running by mid February or so, with an online store to follow.

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Many thanks to the nice folks over at the Denver Egotist for the write-up and for adding us to their “local talent” section. If you’re looking to stay on top of the happenings in the local design / ad scene, the Egotist is a must visit. Make sure to stop by every day or two or you’ll have a lot of catching up to do, since these guys get around to updating their site way more often than we do.

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Shiny New Site

Andy “RandyPants” Dutlinger performing some pre-flight checks and measures. No, that’s not a Medeival cave, it’s our printing studio.

Getting around to updating our old website once every six months just wasn’t cutting it, and besides, everyone’s got a blog these days and we were starting to feel left out. This means that if we get off our collective lazy ass every now and then, posters should show up shortly after they are printed, hopefully around the same time that the show they were made for happens. It also means that we can show more photos of our screenprinting process and talk more about the shows that we’re able to make it to, although we promise not to bore you with too much unnecessary banter.

We’re kicking things off with a post for each of the posters that hadn’t been added to our old site since the last update, so scroll away to see what we’ve been up to. We’ve got a store in the works that will make it way easier to buy prints, but in the meantime if you see something you’d like to hang on your wall or send your grandma for her birthday, send us an email to info(at)table2press.com and we’ll let you know if there are any left and what the details are.

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