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The Good ‘ole Days

Ah.. theres nothing like memories of the days before we had a drying rack. Even though our current drying rack is really just kitchen equipment updated with plywood, there were days before this luxury. Days spent putting every poster on the floor of Justin’s basement to dry. And then picking all the posters up for the next color. We walked miles each job. Those were the days.


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College Football


Spending a lazy Saturday watching college football, and with Ohio State back at #1, I had a flashback to this poster. Last year we did three limited edition OSU prints for a friend of mine up in Columbus. Things were going smoothly until the National Championship game rolled around. Half the run had shipped in time to make it to the game, and I was actually working on printing the second half and watching the game at the same time. Needless to say, I pulled the plug at halftime, knowing that an OSU / Florida poser featuring OSU players and OSU colors was not making much sense about halfway through the second quarter. (more…)

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The Roots

Heres an older one – if I remember correctly Andy and Justin printed this one. I went to the show and it was unbelievable. These guy blew the doors off the fox and played for hours. Covers, medleys, you name it. In my humble estimation there is no act that compares in the world of rap. But The Roots transcend stereotypes – comparing this show to all the lame rap shows I have seen would be unfair. I never got to see James Brown – but the energy in the room during this show was what I imagine a J.B. show have been like. No mopey “I’m really too cool to be bothered with this performance because I’m and emotional indy rock guy.” This was pure music for the joy of it. Good times great oldies.

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Because he likes this kind of thing. Get well soon my man.

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Brian and I each designed and printed a poster to be sold to benefit Jeremiah Brooks, a friend who was hit by a s.u.v. going not so slow. We sold the posters in the local skateshops – even mailed some to Freddy out in San Francisco. Lots of folks threw down and bought one. Jeremiah is one of those dudes that everyone was just down to help. And extra special thanks to Chris Sessions who allowed us to use the nice backside ollie at the ditch photo.

There is nothing easy about the backside ollie in this print.

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