Conscious Alliance


We did this poster for Conscious Alliance not too long ago. I saw moe. play The Mile High Music Festival last year and was impressed by a band from a genre that generally doesn’t impress me.  Crushing guitar work. Anyways its got a “summer is around the bend” kind of feeling. Here comes the sun.

Yuletide Sale


The economy is f*#ked, we need to clear up some space in our flat files, and posters make the perfect holiday gift. Get any of these for $12 each (plus shipping), or buy 3 or more, and we’ll cover your shipping…

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It’s exactly one week til the big day. We’ve steered clear of talking politics, endorsing candidates, and all that jazz, mainly because the chance of anyone actually reading it is slim and the chance of it changing anyone’s opinion in this particular election is closer to none. I did, however, stumble across one piece of great / fun design (not that there haven’t been many others over the past few months) that I thought was worth putting up here. Not sure who to give credit to, but it’s got a nice non-partisan vibe. Update: Should have known by looking at it…Yeehaw Industries

Just wrapped up the packaging for Town Mountain’s latest release – Heroes & Heretics. These guys (and gal) are a bluegrass powerhouse out of Asheville, NC. Check em out.

Toofy Film Fest 08

The 5th Annual Toofy Film Fest is taking place at the Boulder Theater
on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14. Sit back, relax,
and enjoy the finest independent flicks from around the world. After
the film programs on Saturday night, stick around for the Toofy
After-Party Fashion Show. Visit http://www.toofy.com for the entire
festival schedule, tickets, showtimes, and event descriptions. See
you there!

One of our own was recently affected by this terrible disease, and after kicking it in the balls, produced this print to raise awareness and get the old screenprinting muscles limber again. The prints are $25 each, with a portion of the proceeds going to cancer research. Email adutlinger(at)gmail.com to arrange a purchase and support a good cause.


Poster promoting the travelling burelsque and hobo cabaret act Yard Dogs Road Show. Offset, 12×18.